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The Commercial Elements at Pendergardens.

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September 24, 2014 11:24 am

For the past couple of years, Pendergardens has been offering its residents and visitors a safe and peaceful haven. With the onset of new developments, the property will reach the next stage of growth and further its concept. With two imposing towers housing state of the art office space and retail and leisure outlets fronting a large public piazza, Pendergardens will introduce ‘The Exchange’, a Financial and Business Centre for both office personnel and visitors alike.

The commercial area is easily accessible and centrally located in the St. Julian’s district, offering state-of-the-art facilities targeted at high-growth business sectors looking for flexible, working environments. The centre will cater for both financial and non-financial firms alike, generating greater value and diversity.


The site will boast of 16,700 square metres of office space in the two towers as well as 10,800 square metres of retail and leisure area. Nearly 500 car park spaces will also be available at underground level. To date, the development already boasts theFimbank Global Head Office.

The finished project will blend into the existing commercial and entertainment hub of St.Julian’s whilst creating a new business dimension. The majestic towers are a confident statement that will project the aspirations of its occupants and become an image of both international and local business ventures. The development of the piazza will add a social dimension to the business and financial centre, creating a vibrant location and a pleasant working environment.

As well as being very centrally located, the Exchange will offer financial institutions a modern and secure environment with advanced facilities. Its location allows easy access to Malta’s arterial road and also to the main entertainment area.

Although primarily a residential area, Pendergardens will also open its doors to the commercial sector offering 5000 square metres of office space and retail outlets. A wellness centre and supermarket will also be developed, generating a more comfortable environment for both residents and visitors alike.  

While the two sites of Pendergardens have their own distinct characteristics the properties will remain part of an integrated whole, offering office personnel, visitors and residents a state of the art financial and residential area where everything surrounds them.

In order to find out more about the commercial elements at Pendergardens kindly contact us here

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