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Relax in Malta

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Relax in Malta

Relax in Malta – What to See and Do

Because of Malta’s size, there is so much more to do as you relax in Malta. Malta’s uniqueness is due in part to the fact that it contains 7,000 years’ worth of human history in only 316 square kilometres of land. That’s why Malta has such a dynamic appeal, especially in summer – the more you look for things to do, the more you find. Valletta, for example, hosts plays and concerts as well as numerous exhibitions and street events throughout the year.



Choice doesn’t stop when you leave Pendergardens. A walk away from Pendergardens you’ll discover a shopping centre on three levels with the good quality brands, fun activities and restaurants to choose from. The shopping centre is located in the same district of Paceville as the main cinema complex in Malta and a well-equipped bowling alley.

Eating Out

Visit St. Julian’s and Paceville and you visit a mecca for dining out right on your doorstep. Both districts host some of the best restaurants to be found on the Maltese Islands. They offer a variety of settings, standards and ambiance to suit all tastes and budgets. It really is a melting pot for the best continental and worldwide cuisines, especially in the 5-star hotels to be found in St. Julian’s. And competition is fierce, too, so quality is not hard to find. Do sample Maltese cuisine if you get the opportunity. The Italian kitchen has a strong influence and it has close similarities with Sicilian Cuisine.  When tipping, 10 – 15% is expected in hotels and restaurants when not included in the bill.

Night life in Paceville

Even your nightlife surrounds you at Pendergardens. Paceville is Malta’s No.1 place to party. Clubbing in Paceville (pronounced ‘Parcherville’) is a unique experience where you can party hard every night of the week in a car-free zone of small streets. Paceville is music-led so you’ll find the best clubs and discotheques to be found on the Maltese islands packed together right next door to you in St. Julian’s. Everyone’s musical tastes can be accounted for: House, Salsa, Hip Hop, RnB, Trance, Rock, Indie, Jazz and Dance are all to be found here. Nightlife in Paceville is relatively inexpensive. The price of alcohol is considerably cheaper than much of Europe and entrance to most bars, clubs and discotheques is free-of-charge. Yet there are so many of them that a visitor is spoilt for choice. That choice demands a certain amount of conservation of energy before your big night out with all that Paceville has to offer. Don’t forget, smoking in indoor venues is illegal and the minimum drinking age in Malta is 17.

Casinos & Cinemas in Paceville

Roulette, baccarat and blackjack can be played at 3 casinos in Malta. The Dragonara Casino in Paceville is the nearest to Pendergardens and the most glamorous architecturally (once a summer palace in the 19th century). Its location is surrounded by the sea on three sides. There are 3 multiplex cinemas showing all the latest releases in St Julian’s, so you are never short of choice.

Water Sports

Scuba diving is a professionally run sport on the islands so you are in good hands. A cruise round the Grand Harbour is a must if you want to understand Malta’s history more imaginatively. You can swim in the Blue Lagoon at Comino Island and St. Peters Pool in Marsascala or you can rent a jet ski, charter a yacht or para-kite from a sandy beach. Make time for the cove at Mgarr Ix-Xini. It’s so picturesque.

Art & Antique Lovers

Visit the art collection at the National Museum of Fine Arts. (The Sciortino collection of sculptures is especially pleasing.) Caravaggio’s painting of the beheading of St. John at St. John’s co-Cathedral is a most moving and powerful canvas. If you decide to visit Palazzo Falzon, the historic house museum in Mdina, you’ll find a large collection of Maltese antiques. For more contemporary exhibits, take a walk round the St. John’s Cavalier Art Centre in Valletta.

Two Carnivals to Look Out For!

Check your calendar for the Nadur village carnival in Gozo or the Valletta Parade in February. Children will love the old film set of Popeye Village.

Church Bells and the Countryside

The rural side of the islands is special too. Charming villages and 365 churches are set against warm, honey coloured stone walls and azure skies. Then there’s the Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens and the St. Nicholas church in the village of Siggiewi. For the 3rd largest dome in Europe, visit the church in the town of Mosta. That has a tale or two to tell. Next on your itinerary is the Three Cities in Cottonera or, if you have a free Sunday morning, visit the fishing village of Marsaxlokk and stay for lunch.