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Pendergardens Comfortable Lifestyle & Location

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July 22, 2014 11:33 am

Pendergardens is not just a block of apartments offering living space that is available for rent or sale. More so, the development offers its residents a comfortable quality of life and safe area to relax in the heart of a bustling city where everything is within reach.

The development boasts a variety of luxury apartments from studio flats to three bedroom duplex apartments and penthouses.  The property has available four storeys of underground parking spaces, eliminating any issues for residents and visitors alike. Thelarge piazzaand open-air space create a comfortable living area whilst a help desk available 24/7 ensures the safety of every Pendergardens resident.

Facilities management service providers also administer the condominium, the residential car park and the Piazza ensuring a clean environment at all times.

The development at Pendergardens also caters for any persons with disabilities. The entrance halls to each block have ramps for easy access. There are also lifts at garage level that can accommodate a wheelchair comfortably, taking you up any of the apartment floor levels.

Whilst Pendergardens provides for every resident’s needs, one cannot ignore the prime location in which the property is located. Situated in the heart of the urban city of St.Julians, Pendergardens is within walking distance of both Spinola Bay and St. George’s Bay and all the amenities in between.

St.Julians is an entertainment mecca, home to the majority of the island’s 5-star Hotels as well as a highend shopping centre and entertainment facilities. Bursting at the seams with beaches, bars, hotels, restaurants and nightlife, this area is considered to be one of the most popular and sought after locations on the island.


A variety of Malta’s best restaurants can be found in this district, all offering a variety of settings, standards and ambiance to suit all tastes and budgets. With mouth-watering choices ranging from sushi bars to juicy steaks and local fresh fish, one is never at a loss for what to eat or where to dine.

Situated in a prime location and offering a safe and comfortable environment to live in, Pendergardens is an ideal choice for anyone seeking to buy property. The complex will also feature a large supermarket , a wellness centre and pool and deck area for residents and visitors. With Phase 2 development underway, Pendergardens will ensure highend property and a comfortable quality of life that is surrounded by a rich diversity of things to do and places to see.

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