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Malta Named Third Best Country for Expats

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August 26, 2015 10:29 am

Malta was named as the third best country for expatriates, according to a survey published on the Wall Street Journal.

The survey of around 14,400 expatriates living in 64 different countries set out to find who are the happiest and who were the unhappiest expats living around the world. It was revealed that expats living in Malta are among the happiest in the world.

The following is an excerpt of what the article reported about Malta:


Which Countries Have the Happiest Expats?

The survey did find a good number of countries where expats were happy. New this year to the list is Maltacoming in as the third most popular country for expats. A country makes a list when it gets a minimum of 50 votes.

While more than 14,000 expats with 170 nationalities responded, not every expat could respond to each question, of course. To make the survey, a sample size of at least 50 people was needed for any specific country, says InterNations. The one exception was the family life section, where 30 families responding from a country were deemed enough to make the list. The biggest response came from expats in Germany, where about 1,000 responded. The second highest level of answers came from expats living in the U.S.

“People just love the work-life balance” in Malta, says Mr. Zeeck. In addition, health care, safety, overall well-being, career options, cost of living, great weather, and its reputation as a little-known European Union tax haven also helped it rank high.

Elaine Mulcahy, a 42-year-old native of Ireland, moved to Malta three years ago from her home in England. Malta has beautiful weather, loads of historic sites, and a reasonable cost of living, she says.

The lifestyle is laid-back and Mediterranean. For instance, she spent a recent Sunday on a boat, swimming and enjoying the sun, for about 20 euros. In addition, English is one of the main languages spoken, and it’s easy to set up businesses on the island she says.

Ms. Mulcahy says she was surprised to see how many young expats lived in Malta, in addition to retirees. She and her husband run businesses from Malta, and it’s easy to get to continental Europe from the airport.

American Cheryl Morriston, 54, moved to Malta recently, even though she had rarely traveled much outside of the U.S. “It’s a sweet little paradise,” she says. “Part of me doesn’t want to tell you how it is,” she adds, for fear of making the island too crowded. Ms. Morriston had worked for a number of high-tech firms in the San Francisco area, but was tired of the pace of life there.

There’s a “fantastic lifestyle, filled with ease” in Malta, she says.”



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