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The Pendergardens Villas

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The Pendergardens Villas

The Pendergardens Villas

Nestled between the Pendergardens Apartments and the well-to-do area of The Gardens in St Julian’s is a cluster of Villas featuring all the essential characteristics of a ‘Traditional Villa’.

If you are not fully conversant with the term, a traditional villa is located in an urban or residential area complemented by other villas close by. A traditional villa is normally detached or semi-detached consisting of three or more bedrooms. It has ample parking space, is set on a quiet road and offers additional living spaces, such as a games room or basement storage space. It has a pool, a front and/or back garden with a private entrance or drive. Traditional villas feature a high quality finish and their financial value is positioned at the upper end of the price category.

So the ‘The Pendergardens Villas’ will boast both front and back gardens, a hydro-spa, double or triple carports and three storey level spaces. On the ground floor, you’ll find a basement and garage. On the first floor, there’s a kitchen, an open-plan living and dining area, and guest washroom. On the third floor, you’ll find three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The detached and semi-detached residences at Pendergardens are situated alongside a private road leading to a cul-de-sac. So you will be able to access this private road by car through an entrance located near The Gardens, turning round the roundabout at the cul-de-sac so that you can leave the way you came in. The Pendergardens Villas are only 300 metres away from the town of St Julian’s with all its amenities and entertainments, so everything you need surrounds you.

  • 14 Pendergardens Villas
  • 14 Hydro-Spas
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Set on 3 levels
  • Basement level – Games room
  • 2-3 carport/ front drive
  • Gated Entrance
  • Private road
  • Cul-de-sac
  • Close to well to do areas
  • Plot size: 4,286 square metres