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Residence Area

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An exclusive residential property in Malta, where everything surrounds you!

Pendergardens is a self-contained development covering an area of 18,500m2 in St Julian’s district close to the busy shopping and entertainment areas of Malta. It offers all the amenities of a metropolitan centre, yet with all the comforts and security of an exclusive community where everything is within easy reach.

As its name suggests, Pendergardens is car free and surrounds a large piazza creating a peaceful and tranquil setting for its residents.  Private and public open spaces here have been designed for a lifestyle that is relaxing, healthy yet practical with future residents in mind.

The choice of property at Pendergardens is diverse. Choose between 3-bedroom family units in semi-detached blocks, studio apartments as well as 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, most of which offer sea, town or country views. You’ll find various options on finishes for the apartment of your choice.

There are also 15 plots for both detached and semi-detached villas with a swimming pool. These plots are to be accessed through a private road. (Pendergardens also has instant access to one of Malta’s main arterial roads.) You’ll also find useful access to a health and fitness centre and a pool area in Pendergardens. Apart from the Piazza and gardens, there is a multi-storey car park where you will find the top 2 storeys exclusively dedicated to Pendergardens’ residents.

Apartment Specifications

Pendergardens offers accommodation space with common specifications in keeping with the development of the property as a whole. Key specifications include:

  • A common facade finish
  • Common wall finishes in high quality material
  • External apertures in common parts
  • Skirting & internal doors
  • Main doors to residential blocks
  • Stairs, floors and railings
  • Waterproofing in necessary areas
  • Illumination of common areas at night
  • Landscaped areas
  • A minimum of 2 lifts per apartment block incorporate modern safety devices in the event of a power cut
  • Drainage systems
  • Communal garbage areas

What You Can Expect at Pendergardens

At Pendergardens you can expect prominent architectural features, environmentally friendly planning that offers you healthy, airy, open spaces with a traffic-free communal area and underground parking. You can expect a high standard of common parts and specifications and a Mediterranean quality of life with all amenities to be found within the neighbourhood of the property.

You can expect top Maltese designers to creatively assist the finish of your home, if you require it. You can expect efficient pre-sales support to assist you in your selection process with a proactive after-sales support to help iron out any problems you may have. And you can expect to enjoy the facilities of The Exchange Financial Centre, a modern and contemporary commercial development adjacent to Pendergardens.

Style & Services

Pendergardens captures the essence of stylish living. Contemporary property in Malta provides lots of room for individuality to flourish. Coupled with style is service. Pendergardens offers its residents premium services like:

  • Privacy
  • Security round-the-clock
  • Swimming pool and health centre
  • Catering facilities
  • Entertainment zones and cosmopolitan restaurants, wine bars, bistros and pubs
  • Quality shops with leisure and sports facilities nearby
  • Underground parking and traffic management
  • Business facilities
  • Wi-fi and internet services


There is ample parking with 1000 spaces at Pendergardens. There are four levels of underground parking beneath the development and there is a monitoring service that is operated for residents, operators and guests. Residents will occupy Levels -1 and -2 at a unit cost of Euro 20,000. Visitors and the public will occupy Levels -3 and -4.