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Emerging Trends in Real Estate – A Balancing Act.

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January 28, 2015 10:43 am

Emerging Trends in Real Estate
2015 – A Balancing Act

Global firm PwC take a glance into what faces investors in Europe in 2015 and the results are refreshing, considering the economical problems that gripped the European cities of Athens and Dublin. An increase in investment prospects in the Mediterranean could see a shift of power as Berlin’s growth slows down and south Europe climbs itself out of what has been a difficult couple of years.

PwC report on their website: Europe’s real estate industry expects to be busier and more profitable in 2015, despite concerns over weak fundamentals and economic conditions. The five leading cities for investment prospects in 2015 are a mix of German stalwarts and recovery plays: Berlin is top, followed by Dublin, Madrid, Hamburg and, in a remarkable revival, Athens. Dublin’s ranking and Athens’ rise reflect the opportunistic streak that runs through Europe. Madrid’s ranking, too, reflects a capital surge into Spain that started in 2013 and shows no sign of easing up. If anything, there are signs of this activity spreading across southern Europe.

As South Europe grows, investors looking into Maltacan enjoy a thriving market in the growing city of St. Julian’s, with Pendergardens looking to attract investors to both its residential and commercial sectors. As the Two Towers will rise in 2015, so will the flow of people towards Malta’s commercial capital city and this will contribute to the steady growth of the markets in South Europe. Our section on the Maltese Islands will provide you with more insights about choosing your new destination.

PwC’s info graphic below shows the Emerging trends in Europe for 2015

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