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Earthquake Preparedness Exercise at Pendergardens

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September 4, 2015 10:16 am



Today, the 4th of September 2015, Pendergardens collaborated with the Civil Protection Department (CPD) in a training exercise that aimed to test the preparedness of the department in the eventuality that an earthquake struck the Maltese Islands.

This nation-wide training exercise saw the CPD conducting various simulations at different locations across Malta and Gozo. The exercise was held in partnership with Sicilian rescue forces who would collaborate with the CPD in case of such an event.

The CPD contacted Pendergardens in order to simulate two rescue operations; a scaffold collapse and a fall from significant height. Pendergardens accepted to support the CPD in this initiative as Health and Safety is a priority on our agenda and we feel that such training is beneficial for society at large.

Photos of one the simulations which were carried out at Pendergardens can be found below. The scenario mimicked a collapse of a scaffold on a mannequin after an earthquake. Members of the CPD worked together to remove the scaffold, strap the mannequin to a rescue backboard and carefully lowering it down to street level, where it was loaded onto an awaiting ambulance.

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